Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Burlap & Ribbon Christmas Tree

This is a very easy and fun craft that turns out FANTASTIC! It can be modified for all ages and be done in so many different ways, the possibilities are endless! T


  • Canvas (any size, the ones pictured are 11x14) 
  • Burlap (for 11 x 14 canvases you need a 1/2 yard, which can be divided into thirds for 3 canvases)
  • Hot Glue Gun (the Cool Shot is awesome for kids!)
  • Variety of Ribbon 
  • Star: can be done in scrapbook paper or fabric (use a cookie cutter to trace) or paint a wooden start
  • Optional: sequins, buttons, ribbon scraps


  1. Cover canvas with burlap, securing with hot glue on the back of the canvas (think wrapping a present for the edges).
  2. Cut various lengths of ribbon according to your preferences starting at the bottom. The sides of the ribbon can be cut straight or at an angle. 
  3. Arrange your ribbons and trim if necessary. Ribbons can be spaced or touching, in order of length or abstract.
  4. Hot glue your ribbons to the canvas.
  5. Add your star. For fabric and scrapbook paper, use a cookie cutter to trace and cut your perfect star. You can also paint wooden stars or top your tree with a fun bow!
  6. Using sequins and buttons to decorate your tree. Ribbon scraps can be used to create presents under your tree.
For kids you can help them cover the canvas and have the ribbons pre-cut (think sequencing lesson!). The lime green Cool Shot hot glue guns are a low temp, kid friendly hot glue gun that I have had a lot of success with. Just make sure you allow extra time for it to heat as it takes longer.

I absolutely LOVED how different and fun these turned out. . . .I am very tempted to try a very large one of these the next times canvases go on sale!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Glittered Reindeer Ornament

Update 12/2014: For the past year, I have been writing DIY articles for our local paper. After over 8,000 hits on my blog, I updated the steps and added pictures for the article, which you can view here

The holidays are quickly approaching which means a couple of things – time with the family, yummy food, presents and NO SCHOOL! While the teachers are enjoying their time off, you are left with hours upon hours to fill and keep the elves entertained. These DIY glittery ornaments are a fun way to add a little sparkle to your tree without all the mess that a glittered ornament likes to shed (think those ornaments that keep on giving).  The best part – the glitter is contained to the inside of the ornament! This project is a fun way for kids to not only help with the tree, but to also make affordable gifts for friends and family that are made with love.

clear glass or plastic ornaments (seasonal aisle of craft stores)
Pledge Floor Care (found with the cleaning supplies)
Fine brown glitter
black paint
red buttons
hot glue
22 gauge brown wire (jewelry making section of craft store)
decorative ribbon
Plastic or Styrofoam cups come in handy to prevent your ornaments from rolling away.

Glittering the Ornament
Carefully remove the top of the ornament. Squirt Pledge Floor Care into the inside of a glass ornament and make sure the entire inside is coated by rolling the ornament. Drain liquid (I reuse it) and add glitter using a funnel. Gently coat the inside with glitter and empty excess glitter out of the ornament. Be sure not shake it so glitter does not clump.

The Eyes & Nose
Using black paint, paint two eyes about 1/3 of the way from the top. Use hot glue to glue a red button 2/3 of the way down from the top. When using hot glue on glass, make sure to place the button quickly after applying the glue.

The Antlers
Using Brown 22 gauge wire, cut one 9" piece and two 5" pieces. Wrap the middle of the long piece of wire around your finger twice to make a loop, making sure the remaining ends of the wires are even. Using one piece of the short wire, fold it in half and twist and intertwine it with one side of the long piece. Repeat on the other side using the other piece of short wire. Roll the ends of the wires into a curled shape and adjust to your preference. 

Finishing Your Reindeer
When the eyes are dry, carefully replace the top of the ornament and place the loop of wire you had around your finger around the neck of the ball and tighten. Use a dot of hot glue to secure. Tie a bow with your ribbon ribbon and attach with hot glue.

While this reindeer is precious, your options are endless! I have included a couple of my favorites that have been done in my studio.

Any color of glitter with a coordinating ribbon can add a simple but elegant touch to your tree. And the best part - these ornaments will last from year to year without losing any of their sparkle!